James E. Bellard, M.D.

Dr. Bellard is board certified in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He maintains both clinical and forensic practices at RPA.

Thomas R. Spruill, M.D.

Dr. Spruill is board certified in psychiatry. Areas of special interest include psychopharmacology of treatment-resistant depression, anxiety and panic disorders...

Rhonda H. Stahl, M.D.

Dr. Stahl is board certified in general psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. She provides medication management, supportive and educational therapy...

Frank D. Castlebury, III, Ph.D.

Dr. Castlebury is board certified in psychology. He provides cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, and interpersonal therapy for adults, adolescents, and couples.

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Zachary Feldman, M.D.

Dr. Feldman is board certified in general psychiatry as well as child and adolescent psychiatry.

Asa Cordle, M.D.

Dr. Cordle is board certified in psychiatry and specializes in brain stimulation. As Director of the TMS Clinic, he accepts referrals for consultation appointments and assists patients with depressive illness complicated by medication resistance, co-occuring disorders, or medical illness.

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Cherry Chevy, M.D.

Dr. Chevy is board certified in general psychiatry. She has specialty training in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Alyssa Williams, M.D.

Dr. Williams is board certified in general psychiatry. She offers both medication management and psychotherapy to adult men and women and also specializes in women's reproductive mental health.

Dana Fennell, M.S.N., R. N., C.S.

Ms. Fennell is nationally board certified in psychiatry and mental health as a clinical nurse specialist. She works with adolescents, adults, and older adults as well as couples and families.

Thad J. Barringer, Jr., M.D., Emeritus

Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dr. Barringer specializes in general psychiatry with particular interest in anxiety disorders, ADHD and alternative treatments of depression.