Asa Cordle, M.D.

Dr. Cordle is board certified in psychiatry and fellowship-trained in the use of brain stimulation treatments.  At Raleigh Psychiatric Associates he works with adult men and women recovering from depression, anxiety and panic disorders, ADHD, substance use, and psychiatric problems related to medical and neurological illness.  He has has 10 years of experience in the field, including medication management, psychotherapy, and neurostimulation.

Dr. Cordle completed medical school, internship, and residency at UNC Chapel Hill.  Following residency, Dr. Cordle trained at one of the nation’s leading neurostimulation programs at Medical University of South Carolina, earning a fellowship in this subspecialty.  Research experience includes clinical applications of several varieties of transcranial current stimulation.  He is a member of the North Carolina Medical Society, chairs the scientific advisory committee of the Foundation of Hope, and is an instructor at Duke University’s TMS Fellowship Program.